Raleigh Raw

This review is going to be structured a little differently than previous posts.... Let me first start off by saying that I don't go to this place nearly as often as I would like. There's literally nothing else in Raleigh that comes close to the vibe that you get when walking into Raleigh Raw. It's … Continue reading Raleigh Raw

Diced – Raleigh

Salads - also known as the unattractive, boring, and extremely messy entree that is listed on almost every menu. You typically have only a few dressings to pick from like - honey mustard, ranch, thousand island and the balsamic vinegar that almost gives you a cavity. You get a bowl full of lettuce topped with … Continue reading Diced – Raleigh

Siete Foods

Well - it's May 1st and I have 2 things on my mind: Sunshine Tacos I mean, is there anything better?  It's finally getting consistently warm here in NC and the pool is opening this weekend. So, of course, pool snacks are a must. On Saturday, we did a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods … Continue reading Siete Foods