Hiball Energy

What. I know what you're thinking. "UGH, an energy drink. Caffeine, sugar, and a crash 1 hour later." Nope. Not with this drink and that is why I'm obsessed with Hiball Energy. Hiball Energy "Hiball has always been about good energy." Energy drinks don't really have a good reputation. Based on the majority of drinks … Continue reading Hiball Energy

Raleigh Raw

This review is going to be structured a little differently than previous posts.... Let me first start off by saying that I don't go to this place nearly as often as I would like. There's literally nothing else in Raleigh that comes close to the vibe that you get when walking into Raleigh Raw. It's … Continue reading Raleigh Raw

Siete Foods

Well - it's May 1st and I have 2 things on my mind: Sunshine Tacos I mean, is there anything better?  It's finally getting consistently warm here in NC and the pool is opening this weekend. So, of course, pool snacks are a must. On Saturday, we did a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods … Continue reading Siete Foods

Nut Pods

Good morning, readers! Today is the first workday of daylight savings. Coffee was an absolutely must this morning..... Everyone morning, I enjoy a large cup of black coffee with one scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  One thing that I've really grown to miss is coffee creamer. Unfortunately, the REAL stuff does not sit well … Continue reading Nut Pods