Your Food Allergy Guide

Your Food Allergy Guide was created to help make lives easier. Living life with a food allergy is not easy in a world full of fast-food and life on-the-run.

Who should read Your Food Allergy Guide?

Anyone who struggles with a major food allergy such as gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts OR anyone close to someone who struggles with a food allergy.

Website Updates

Over the next 8 weeks, I will be focusing on a well-known condition called celiac disease. As you may have read in my personal bio, I am a graduate student in the University of New England’s Applied Nutrition program. My next course is entitled, Nutrition, Wellness and Multimedia Communication. This class will be focusing on how to utilize media outlets such as WordPress and Instagram to provide nutrition information to a wide-range or target audience. I figured, instead of creating a new website for the class, why not improve the one I already have? For my nutrition related topic, I have chosen Celiac disease. Choosing a topic like Celiac Disease will better focus the posts that will contribute to my class AND will hopefully help any of my readers that struggle with this particular disease. Any of these class-related posts will be marked accordingly.

As always, thanks for reading and feedback is always welcome! (Especially the posts for my next class) I sincerely hope that my posts will help the lives of all who live their lives with a food allergy!

-Your Food Allergy Guide