About Crystal


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I’m a full time project coordinator, part-time lifestyle model with a Masters degree in Applied Nutrition.

I became interested in nutrition and fitness because of personal experiences that made me realize the importance of both of these things!

At age 12, I starting showing signs of a dairy allergy. At age 23, I discovered that I also had a gluten allergy. Life has never been the same. Contrary to what you may think, my life has improved in so many ways! January 15, 2020, I had a spinal fusion in my lower back. The experience has reinforced exactly why balanced nutrition and exercise has made me feel amazing and aided in a smooth spinal fusion procedure. I did a ton of prep work in the kitchen and in the gym to help me bounce back from such a major operation.

I am also a Social Media Ambassador for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina and recently was selected to be 1 of 10 bloggers for the American Society of Nutrition (which I am a member of) for 20-19-2020. I am so excited and honored to have been selected.


I live in Raleigh with my amazing fiance, but we travel quite a bit. You can find us in the NC mountains, all over New England and Wilmington just to name a few spots. We are absolute animal lovers. Life is an adventure!

I can’t wait to share some of the note-worthy products and restaurants I come across along the way.


Crystal Dee